It's never too early to introduce children to the cultural leaders you admire. With Puerto Ricans making up approximately 10% of the Latino population in the United States, there is a need to see ourselves reflected more frequently in literature, both in and outside of classrooms. The Caras Lindas collection was created to educate our children about notable Puerto Rican cultural leaders in English and Spanish. 

Our products highlight facts and honors Puerto Ricans like civil rights pioneer Felicitas Mendez, and political leader Pedro Albizu Campos with fun illustrations and bite sized text designed to share and read aloud. 


The goal of Caras Lindas is to serve in transforming the representation of Puerto Ricans for children. Without representation, children’s views of national reality and Puerto Rican identity are skewed. Children are curious, we should provide them with the opportunity to learn about Puerto Rican leaders; as well as, culturally and historically relevant places and things. Caras Lindas books and products provides them with that opportunity.

Creator Adrián Román

I’m a Puerto Rican multidisciplinary visual artist, and a father who saw the lack of representation for children that celebrate Puerto Rican culture and important figures in its history.

My art is informed by issues of race, migration and identity while exploring both the personal and historical memory of the two disparate worlds that inhabit: the tropical landscape of Puerto Rico and the overpopulated cityscape of New York.

My art has been exhibited with the Smithsonian Museum National Portrait Gallery, the Whitney Museum, the African American Museum of Art, and many other institutions across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Caras Lindas is the proud legacy I leave for my strong beautiful daughters Isabella Luna and Valentina Sol.