FREE DOWNLOAD : "If I met Don Pedro" Activity Page

FREE DOWNLOAD : "If I met Don Pedro" Activity Page

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Caras Lindas would like to recognize some of our most important and influential Black Puerto Ricans. 

We begin with Dón Pedro Albizu Campos, one of Puerto Rico's most recognized and beloved leaders. After learning about him, use this activity to write what would you ask, tell, show, and thank Dón Pedro for.

This activity is to help learn and retain the information of Dón Pedro's historical and cultural contributions by providing a personal connection between the child and Dón Pedro. This activity can be done with your copy of our book "Caras Lindas Puerto Rican Visionaries".

There is a special QR code on this printable page that will take you to a secret place on our website to listen to a recording of Pedro Albizu Campos. Enjoy!